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Church Windows Church Management Software

Church Windows Church Management Software

Available from Computer Helper Publishing

Now available in Web-based and desktop versions, Church Windows church management software represents over 20 years of implementing our customers' suggestions into our program! The Membership module tracks people as Members and Visitors and has fields to store addresses, significant dates and... Read More

Ministering in a Changing Sexual Landscape

Ministering in a Changing Sexual Landscape

Available from Randall House Publications

Ministering in a Changing Sexual Landscape The world is changing the way it views sexual issues at a rapid pace, and those who minister to people need to be prepared. Perhaps no problem is more ostracizing and difficult to deal with as those of a sexual nature. In this book, Dr. Moody shares... Read More

 Poinsettia Tree Racks

Poinsettia Tree Racks

Available from Creative Displays, Inc.

A single Half Round Tree fits perfectly against a wall. Two Half Round Trees can be placed back to back to create a full tree. Read More

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See recorded overviews of Church Windows’...

Available from Computer Helper Publishing

These recorded webinars are module-specific. Just click and watch! You can pause, come back later and resume, or re-watch segments of interest. Read more

Outsourcing HR in a High Inflation Environment

Available from Corban OneSource

Inflation is a process whereby prices and wages in an economy increase, meaning that goods will be more expensive, and people will need to work harder for less money than before. Inflation can... Read more

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Computer Helper Publishing

Church Windows is a complete church management software package that includes Membership, Attendance, Personal Visits, Scheduler, Donations, Accounting including Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable, and Payroll. Available in desktop or web-based versions! Read More

Randall House Publications

Randall House is a Christian publisher dedicated to promoting the cause of Christ and serving the Church through the development and distribution of Bible-based curriculum and quality Christian products. As a trusted publisher of Bible-based products for more than 40 years, we are proud of the... Read More

Creative Displays, Inc.

Creative Displays Inc. is an online store selling quality Poinsettia Display Tree products for your business, church or retail establishment. We ship all of our products throughout the United States and Canada. We have been manufacturing our Tree Racks from the highest quality powder coated... Read More

Corban OneSource

We take the Human Resource Administrative burden and control costs with our Variable Cost Model. For a quarter of a century we have been helping our clients remove the burden of the tedious administrative duties so they can focus on more strategic HR initiatives. We can scale up or down in any... Read More

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