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Giving: Giving helps donors encourage generosity and raise funds faster and more easily. On Pushpay’s nonprofit giving platform, you’ll be able to define fundraising goals and track donations, as well as report on campaigns so your donors know how close you are to your goals. Key benefits include simple...
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Donations Software: The Donations module is streamlined, yet full-featured. Ease of Entry Enter Contributions efficiently and accomplish the task of tracking Giving with minimal keystrokes View Pledge information on the Contribution Entry screen Enter monies by Giver Name or Number Import donations from online...
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Our mission is to bring the best possible software solutions to those we serve. Whether large or small, we believe that all need great tools to help them fulfill their own ministry.

ParishSOFT's web-based church management and accounting systems are used in more than 9,000 Catholic parishes and 173 arch/dioceses. Our software is easy for all levels of staff to learn with a huge wealth of resources for training, on-boarding, and product support.

PaySimple is an industry-leading provider of payment management solutions. PaySimple simplifies billing and collection processes by enabling customers to invoice, collect and deposit all of their payments automatically. The customized, secure ASP solution includes auto-recurring billing,...

Leading merchant services provider with guaranteed pricing for as long as merchant processes with APS.

BLUESTARgives, launched in 2015 by Blue Star Payment Solutions in partnership with iGiveHere, is a free platform for nonprofits of all sizes to increase their donor connections and contributions through branded mobile applications, online donation solutions, and cloud-based giving management....

Parish Support Church Software: Parish Support Software is a Cloud based software design that minimizes the work necessary for standard functionality and maximizes effective parishioner communication. Parish Support contains 7 modules called "Clouds". "Family Cloud" which contains: Family Census Contributions &...
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The original eGiving.com (division of E Giving Systems, Inc.) ministry to ministries. Providing electronic giving strategies & inexpensive quality tools since 2000. We know what both givers & administrators need to get results.

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