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About TLC Ministries, Inc.

TLC Ministries provides Biblically-based stewardship and visioning services for churches, including capital campaigns, budgeting from a vision perspective, and stewardship Bible Studies. Download the informational booklet "When Your Church Needs to Build" FREE to assist in the planning process for your facilities. Call 800-473-5352 or visit us at

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Abundant Giving Church Consulting

⛪ PASTOR: Do you need a church capital campaign to buy land, build, remodel, or retire debt to expand your ministry? Do you need increased offerings to hire staff or launch new ministries? I CAN HELP: I help pastors transform church members into good stewards. Our capital campaigns raise an... Read More

Cargill Associates Inc

Professional stewardship consultation that brings reality to the table. Read More

Arks Funding LLC

Up to 90% financing! Lower than market interest rates! Long-term permanent mortgages! Arks Funding LLC offers unmatched financing for churches who cannot obtain conventional loans due to underwriting criteria imposed by banks and other lenders. Most traditional lenders and sophisticated... Read More

Products by TLC Ministries, Inc.

By TLC Ministries, Inc.

TLC offers a fully customized campaign for each church, realizing that every church is different in certain ways, yet every church is the same in other ways. It is normal for companies to have a few different campaign structures based on the church's size, but TLC goes way beyond the variations... Read more »

By TLC Ministries, Inc.

We believe people want to support their church's building (renovation, debt retirement) project. This is especially so when the need is urgent, when they have caught the vision of a greater purpose, and when they are not forced to do so. TLC trusts your people to make appropriate decisions... Read more »

By TLC Ministries, Inc.

The Scriptural Funding Campaign will focus on the concept of sacrificial giving instead of spare giving, or just giving out of abundance. We live in a world where we are bombarded with enticements to satisfy our selfish desires, and the idea of giving at a level which is sacrificial is new... Read more »

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