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  • A1000 - Tot Full Bucket Rubber Seat w/Insert - Commercial

    This is a fully enclosed tot seat that will cradle a child on all sides to help prevent small children from falling out. It is made with a steel insert that is encased in 70duro EPDM rubber with heavy duty rust resistant triangular hardware. Our seats differ from many look alikes with less... Read More
  • A1200 - Handicapp Swing Seat

    This seat is designed to help meet the American Disabilities Act guidelines for playground equipment in public applications and makes the term “Handicapped Accessible” means more than just being able to watch. The JennSwing is also convenient because a child can be more easily lifted onto the... Read More
  • A1600 - Strap Seat Rubber w/Insert & Commercial

    These seats will help make your playground safe. Galvanized welded triangular hardware makes this one of our sturdiest swing seats. It is made with 70 EPDM rubber with insert to help prevent vandalism. EPDM: Ethylene-propylene-diene-monomer which is a synthetic rubber material which helps... Read More
  • A2000 - 2 3/8 O.D. Ductile Pipe Swing Hanger

    This pipe hanger is made for a schedule 40 2" pipe, which is 2 3/8" od. It is made of strong ductile iron and galvanized to resist rust. These swing hangers feature an “oil lite” bronze bearing and axle bolt, which threads into the frame with a nut for double protection and extra safety.... Read More
  • A5250 Tire Swivel

    Kids will have fun with this swivel with lots of swinging action! This heavy duty tire swivel has universal joints covered with a rubber boot for finger protection. It will turn 360 degrees with less tangling or wrapping of the chains. Painted with rust resistant enamel in black. Plate is 8”... Read More
  • A5600 Tire

    This tire is 30” in diameter with a 16” opening and is 10” deep. It is made of Polypropylene. This tire has built in eye bolts that will accept our A5725 shackle. This is a great tire swing as no bugs or water can get in it and there is no rubber to wear off and stain the children’s clothes.... Read More
  • A5700 - Shackle w/Special Head Bolt 5/16"

    These shackles take the place of S-hooks. They are safer and reusable. They are stronger and some cities and parks are requiring their use instead of S-hooks. A special wrench is needed to open and close them, so there is not need to worry about equipment being stolen. This shackle is 5/16”... Read More
  • A7700 - 5 1/2' Plastisol Coated Chain - Commercial

    These chains are sure to brighten up any swingset. 5 1/2 ft 3/16" zinc coated chain with 4 ft. coated in bright plastisol colors. The chains are sold individually in bright red, yellow, blue and green. They holds up to 3900 lbs. Chain that is not bought from a playground manufacturer does not... Read More
  • A8600MOTOR - Roto Molded Spring Ride Motorcycle

    The motorcycle is made of a durable roto molded polyethylene with weather resistant decals. They come in bright colors that resist fading. Each one comes with an enclosed rubber spring that helps to prevent pinching and provides a smooth ride. Decals are applied with heat. They will be hard to... Read More
  • ams 108 - Playsets

    We have several types and sizes of playsets that are great for helping our children develop coordination, balance, strength, stamina and their sense of exploration. More children can play freely simultaneously as they can slide, jump, climb and swing. The parts are made with a low density... Read More
  • Swing Frame 2 Bay 8' High Heavy Duty

    This set is made up of our high quality component parts. It is extremely easy to install. The set comes with 8 bright colored poly coated chains, 8 galvanized swing hangers, 4 heavy duty commercial swing seats, and all attaching hardware. An easy and economical way to add tons of fun to your... Read More
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