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Press Release from Dataman Group Direct

Dataman Group Directs' New Appending Service allows marketers to really hone in on what makes their current customers tick. This new process can add fields of data to your customer list, giving you information that you can use to cross-sell/up-sell new products.

There are over 200 elements that can be appended to a file, which can help retailers, catalogers and business owners increase their Bottom Line by up-selling and cross-selling their own customers.

For example, a retail store that has been focused on women's apparel is adding a new line of high-priced designed pet products. They want to let the right people on their list know about this new venture by mailing them a very special offer. By appending household income, pet ownership and pet retail purchase history, Dataman Group can help this retail store target the perfect segment of their own customer file for this special offer.

The response to a mail campaign to this group will be much higher, since the recipient will already be familiar with the particular store.

An end-use is a fund raiser. They have been compiling a list for years and want to figure out the best way to use it. After cleaning the addresses on the file, Dataman Group can run the list through their Custom Append Service and add the following fields:   Age, income, Name/individual demos of other household members, donor/donor propensity, modeled credit data, lifestyle propensities, interest in volunteering or social causes.   By taking a fresh look at prior donors, this non-profit will be able to better personalize their "asks" for success.

There are many applications / lots of opportunities.   Business can call Dale Filhaber at Dataman Group Direct at 800-771-3282 for additional information.


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