Dataman Group Direct recharges its Turning 65 List for Insurance Agents looking to increase their supplemental Medicare business

Press Release from Dataman Group Direct

Dataman Group’s Turning 65 list provides insurance agents with expanded lead-generation opportunities, including results-based postcard mailers.

Boca Raton, FL – May 10, 2022 – Dataman Group Direct is pleased to announce a recharge of its Turning 65 list, giving insurance agents entrée to the supplemental Medicare market.


The Turning 65 list is widely used by insurance agents who target this highly lucrative cohort for a variety of offers.


According to PEW and the AARP, there are roughly 10,000 individuals turning 65 in the United States every day.


The secret to building a huge base of Medicare clients is helping seniors compare options before they turn 65. Many Insurance marketers will buy their turning 65 list 5-6 months before the individuals actually turn 65. Typically, insurance agents will mail to the Turning 65-er more than once.


“Insurance agents are looking for effective ways to generate new leads for their businesses. The Turning 65 list puts their message into the right hands at the right time.” said Dataman Group President Dale Filhaber. “Each of these prospects will eventually buy insurance. The more times they hear/see an agent’s name, the more likely they will be to buy it from them when the time comes”.


The  Turning 65  list is sequenced in month order, beginning with the month they select. Insurance agents can select their data by zip-code, county or state.


In addition to offering a target Turning 65 direct mail list, Dataman Group Directs’ new online direct mail portal, focuses on providing insurance agents with results-based customizable postcards. With, insurance agents can conceive, build and execute targeted direct mail campaigns to individuals Turning 65 to generate leads and increase revenue.


Direct mail is the only way to reach all of the individuals who will be Turning 65 in a given market. Studies consistently show that direct mail response rates consistently perform best among all marketing channels when targeting prospects and customers alike.


The Dataman Group Direct easy-to-use portal makes it simple for insurance agents to create and send mailers online. The experience begins with a gallery of on-brand insurance product templates, which have been designed for the specific purpose of maximizing response. Marketers can customize their cards by adding their own design features. These can include their photos, the offer, license info, call to action and contact information. They can also change the color schemes to match their agency branding.


From there, users can upload their mailing list. The list professionals at Dataman Group work with their clients to create a targeted mailing list that suits their needs and outputs the data in an easy-to-upload format.  Mailing lists can be tweaked to fit any budget or campaign goal – with no minimums on quantity.


Once the design and mailing lists have been finalized, insurance agents can choose their mail date. Plus, they can track their mailings within the portal.


Dataman Group has been in business for over 40 years and has provided thousands of clients in the United States with high quality data. Dataman Group is well known for its accurate Turning 65 data.


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