HR’s Guide to Offering Home Buying Assistance

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There are ​unlimited tools​ that an employer has at their disposal that can be used to aid in employee retention and help remain competitive in their industry. Perks like company health insurance benefits and a 401k plan are still great selling points, but for a lot of applicants, these things are the bare minimum and are offered by most employers. Due to ​record high unemployment rates​, the job market is currently saturated with job seeking candidates more than ever before. Even though it should only be a temporary spike, putting in place a work perk now will get you ahead of the recruitment game once things go back to the prevailing knowledge economy. One said work perk that has been becoming increasingly popular with applicants is home buying assistance. This work perk can come in many forms as the buying process can be a long and tedious one that requires multiple steps. \\r\\n \\r\\n\\r\\n

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