Engage Curriculum (by Bible Study Guide For All Ages)

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About Engage Curriculum (by Bible Study Guide For All Ages)

Engage Curriculum is children's ministry curriculum that gives kids a thorough knowledge and understanding of the Bible while applying it to their lives in a fun, active way that is never dull. It’s real Bible study for your Children’s Ministry that doesn’t feel like school.

You’ll take students through the entire Bible in four years or 208 lessons, exploring some of the Old and New Testament each year. Students will learn the contents of God’s word in detail, while using a simple time line to understand the “big picture” of God’s story and how what they are learning fits into it.

All age levels study the same Bible text at the same time, applying it to their lives as they go. They will not only focus on an application each lesson, they will learn HOW to apply Scripture to their lives so they can read it on their own and see what God is saying to them.

To sum it up, Engage Curriculum is deep Bible learning and application in an active, relational format.

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