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Press Release from Cura HR

Hiring HR talent with deep experience in all functional areas of HR can be costly and is often unnecessary. Many businesses outsource various HR functions, including compensation, to ensure compliance with state and federal labor laws, minimize liability, and provide knowledgeable and reliable discipline-expertise.

In addition to cost being a potential hurdle, finding compensation professionals with the in-depth technical expertise and breadth of experience businesses need has proven challenging as this skill set is in high demand. Cura’s compensation team is made up of experienced professionals with diverse backgrounds, industry and business experiences. Our team of certified compensation professionals work with organizations of all sizes to deliver creative solutions for the ongoing challenges of compensation administration process and automation, equitable decision-making practices, plan design and modeling as well as training and communications.

What We Do

Cura HR creates custom solutions for every project and client by combining our years of experience with fresh ideas and best-in-class compensation practices. Cura typically initially engages with organizations to complete compensation projects such as:

  • Developing a career architecture
  • Conducting market analysis
  • Performing a pay equity audit
  • Creating salary structures
  • Designing and modeling incentive plans
  • Delivering compensation training and reward communications
  • Establishing a total rewards philosophy

After the project work is complete, clients continue to engage us to solve for ongoing compensation management such as:

  • - Annual compensation planning
  • - Participation in salary surveys
  • - Managing merit cycles and incentive plans
  • - Performing job evaluations
  • - Tracking and communicating incentive plan results
  • - Managing equitable pay practices
  • - Coaching and supporting management

The Cura team gives your business access to validated compensation data and benchmarking, metrics, and analysis to assist in managing your compensation programs. We value knowledge and the empowerment that comes with sharing it, and are truly passionate about discussing compensation and best practices.

Outsource Compensation With Cura HR

If you’re looking for project specific support or considering an outsourced compensation function, we’d love to learn about your business and how we can create a solution that works for you.

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