Faith and Creativity Meet: Needham Solutions LLC Transforms into Hope & Teal Designs

Press Release from Hope & Teal Designs, LLC


Mason, MI - Needham Solutions LLC is excited to announce its rebranding as Hope & Teal Designs, effective April 1, 2023. The Christian-based creative, marketing, and technology service provider company has undergone a complete transformation to better reflect its core values and mission.

Under the new name, Hope & Teal Designs will continue to offer the same high-quality services to its clients, including website design and development, branding and graphic design, marketing strategy and implementation, and technical support. The company's focus remains on serving micro-business clients nationwide with faith-inspired creativity and cutting-edge tech.

The rebranding is part of Hope & Teal Designs' commitment to providing a more personal and impactful service to its clients. As a women-owned and operated business, the company's team members bring a unique perspective and dedication to empowering their clients to achieve their goals and grow their businesses.

"We are thrilled to introduce our new name and brand, which better align with our biblical values and mission to serve others," said Cameron Marie Needham, Founder/CEO. "Our team is excited to improve upon our offerings with better services, processes, products, and more resources to assist our clients and support them better than ever, but with a renewed focus on empowering our clients to thrive and achieve their dreams with faith and hope."

Hope & Teal Designs is now accepting new clients under its new name and branding. For more information about the company and its products and services, visit

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