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  • D6 Curriculum

    D6 connects the church to home and families to one another. D6 curriculum is one of the most effective small group and Sunday School curriculums you can find. D6 is based on the principles of Deuteronomy 6:5-9—love God, love His Word, and teach your children to do the same. D6 Curriculum aligns... Read More
  • D6 Conference

    The D6 Conference is the one family ministry conference designed to help your ministry team get on the same page to minister to the families in your city. We invite over 50 of the top family ministry leaders to lead you through a learning and planning process that you’ll never forget. The whole... Read More
  • Rejoice: The Free Will Baptist Hymn Book

    The church hymnal produced by the Music Commission of the National Association of Free Will Baptists. There is no substitute for the Free Will Baptist Hymn Book REJOICE! It reflects the heritage and distinctives of the denomination’s love for music and worship. With 728 songs and responsive... Read More
  • Practical Family Ministry

    Practical Family Ministry Timothy Paul Jones, along with the other contributors, offers practical and encouraging advice to those who want to impact the next generation. Readers are reminded of the God-designed channels through which discipleship should occur: the church and the home. With a... Read More
  • Elements Kids Worship

    Elements Kids Worship is a large group format Children’s Church Curriculum designed to help kids learn the essential building blocks they need to become spiritual champions for Christ! This downloadable curriculum gives you 12 months (52 weeks) of biblically based and culturally relevant... Read More
  • First Aid for Veterans

    First Aid: Veterans Dr. Moody, author of First Aid for Emotional Hurts, is following up his successful book to pastors and laypeople seeking to reach out to help people with a series of First Aid for Your Emotional Hurts booklets addressing specific issues people face. This booklet provides... Read More
  • 52 Creative Family Time Experiences

    Parents want to connect with their kids and pass along their faith as part of those connections. Timothy Smith gives the ideal tool to parents making this possible using 20 minutes a week. Each experience includes a short Scripture reading, games, activities, and guided discussion that will draw... Read More
  • Classic Curriculum

    Randall House Classic Curriculum is a KJV-based, lecture-style, in-depth study of Scripture that follows an eight-year scope and sequence. Bible Teacher provides the class leader with a thorough examination of the text of Scripture, along with reliable commentary and practical applications of... Read More
  • D6 Leader Network

    A RESOURCE THAT SAVES YOU TIME When you join the D6 Leader Network we immediately make your life easier. We help you with your weekly event, teacher training, family ministry, parent helps, and your own personal ministry training. Read More
  • D6 Bookmarks

    Deuteronomy 6 Bookmarks! Perfect for retreat giveaways, church giveaways, and a great gift for that special someone. Give the gift of God’s word! Two styles available: – Floral – Plaid Bulk purchase discount rates: – Purchase 100 to 499 at $0.99 each – Purchase 500 or more at $0.79... Read More
  • DNA of D6

    This book provides any church an opportunity to plan, strategize, evaluate, and refine their discipleship and, more specifically, their family ministry plan. Ron Hunter begins the book sharing vital philosophy necessary to understand before a leader can move on to strategy. He also shares... Read More
  • A Mother's Legacy

    A Mother's Legacy This attractive booklet has a 4-color cover and interior. The design is enhanced by inspirational quotes from well-known authors who share a heart for family ministry. Quotes are accompanied by a Scripture verse providing more application. Women will be encouraged and... Read More
  • A Father's Legacy

    A Father's Legacy This attractive booklet has a 4-color cover and interior. The design is enhanced by inspirational quotes from well-known authors who share a heart for family ministry. Quotes are accompanied by a Scripture verse providing more application. Men will be encouraged and motivated... Read More
  • Welcome Little One

    Welcome Little One Welcome Little One is a new booklet filled with inspirational quotes from well-known authors who share a heart for parents raising kids to love God. This attractive 4-color booklet is an ideal giveaway for parents welcoming a new baby to the family, baby dedications, or as a... Read More
  • Preoccupied with Promise

    Preoccupied with Promise If our minds have the ability to be engrossed with problems, they also have the capacity to be preoccupied with promise! Courtney J. Strong examines Jesus’ encounter with the woman at the well in John 4. She unravels the truth many hearts have been longing to hear yet... Read More
  • Fierce Warrioress

    Fierce Warrioress Jennifer Johnson sees how much effort people put into protecting themselves, their homes, and family members. The element that seems to be missing is a plan of protection from spiritual battles and the enemy believers face each day. Jennifer wants to educate readers on the... Read More
  • Walking with Moses Talking with God

    Walking With Moses Talking With God The example of Moses hearing and faithfully answering the call of God is a lesson for all. This six-week study will take the reader on a journey through the most significant events in the life of Moses as he finds himself serving as an unlikely leader to the... Read More
  • D6 Family Ministry Journal Vol. 2

    Once again this peer-reviewed journal brings a comprehensive approach to the family ministry conversation by reminding ministry leaders of the various audiences present in the church community. The articles found within bring attention to family ministry and various elements of pastoral duties... Read More
  • Five Reasons for Spiritual Apathy in Teens

    Five Reasons For Spiritual Apathy In Teens When teens are struggling, disconnected, and apathetic, they need parental engagement more than ever. It is not the time to passively accept the behavior as “normal” and ignore the situation. Parents must express unconditional love and give genuine... Read More
  • The Beautiful Chaos of Parenting Teens

    Parents of teens are facing a busy and tumultuous season of life. Leneita Fix shares great insight from the perspective of a parent in the middle of it, and as an experienced ministry leader. She writes like a friend, reminding parents to never give up or pass off parenting to the so-called... Read More
  • Visionary Marriage

    Visionary Marriage After years of counseling engaged and married couples, the Rienow’s realized that most Christian couples did not have a biblical mission and purpose for their family. The couples had learned some things about communication, sexuality, and conflict resolution. But they didn’t... Read More
  • Love Talk

    Love Talk A breakthrough discovery in communication for transforming love relationships Over and over couples consistently name ‘improved communication’ as the greatest need in their relationships. Love Talk—by acclaimed relationship experts Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott—is a deep yet simple plan... Read More
  • The Legacy Path

    The Legacy Path Brian Haynes wants to take parents down the path of intentional spiritual parenting. The destination is a new generation of children emerging as adults who know how to love God and love people. The Legacy Path is a book meant to change the culture by moving our children and... Read More
  • Toy Box Leadership

    Toy Box Leadership Reach back into your childhood and recapture the leadership principles you learned from your favorite toys. What can LEGOS teach you about building your business through connection? How can Slinky Dog demonstrate the value of patience when you’re growing your organization?... Read More
  • Teaching for Change

    Teaching for Change Teaching for Change guides teachers to unravel the mystery of how students absorb and process information. This insight leads to better prepared lessons that will engage the hearts and minds of students. Coley offers many easily implemented ideas for sharing the truth of... Read More
  • Limited Church: Unlimited Kingdom

    Limited Church: Unlimited Kingdom Limited Church: Unlimited Kingdom seeks to reclaim the simple, transformational, and global mission revealed in Scripture for both the church and family. Rob Rienow shares from a heart for ministry and gives significant insight based on his ministry experience... Read More
  • Connecting Church and Home

    Connecting Church and Home Tim Kimmel gives a comprehensive strategy to churches for family ministry as well as a plan for parents seeking to pass their faith to the next generation. He shares valuable tools for the church to use to build a strong family ministry. Kimmel shares what a... Read More
  • Ministering in a Changing Sexual Landscape

    Ministering in a Changing Sexual Landscape The world is changing the way it views sexual issues at a rapid pace, and those who minister to people need to be prepared. Perhaps no problem is more ostracizing and difficult to deal with as those of a sexual nature. In this book, Dr. Moody shares... Read More
  • First Aid for Emotional Hurts

    First Aid for Emotional Hurts Dr. Moody provides pastors and laypeople with the tools and knowledge needed to help the hurting through significant issues of life. This book provides a biblical model of helping others as well as an overview of situations one may face when dealing with emotional... Read More
  • Surviving Culture

    Description Surviving Culture Dr. Moody shares powerful insight and practical steps teens can use to be prepared to face the corruption in society and yet have a powerful influence for God on their world. He shares from Scripture and real life experiences the ways to navigate the challenges... Read More
  • Surviving Culture Parent Edition

    Surviving Culture Parent Edition Young people today are faced with many challenges that attempt to lure them away from the truth of Scripture and their foundation of faith. Dr. Moody shares strong advice with parents on the need to prepare young people to make wise decisions while navigating the... Read More
  • Risking Crazy Deny Self-Follow Jesus

    Risking Crazy We know what Jesus said in the Bible: deny yourself, take up your cross, and follow me. Jason Taylor encourages readers to reflect on the message of Jesus and follow up with action. He asks readers to accept the challenge, take the risk, and simply obey by living beyond their... Read More
  • A Biblical Theology of Youth Ministry

    A Biblical Theology of Youth Ministry Youth ministry today has fallen on hard times. Many churches continue to employ the same methods that have become entrenched over the last few decades, while others are questioning the need for it at all. Michael McGarry explores the foundation of youth... Read More
  • Help! My Games Stink

    Help! My Games Stink Jon Forrest has developed an essential resource for youth ministry leaders, volunteers, youth camp workers, and anyone called on to lead events with students. Filled with 52 creative, fun games for small and large audiences, this resource will draw your group together and... Read More
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